Officers in deadly shooting of armed man identified

LAS VEGAS – Investigators released the identities of the two officers who shot and killed a man armed with a knife on Thursday. The shooting happened at the Seigel Suites Apartments located near S. Las Vegas Boulevard and Sahara Avenue. Officer Rafael Camacho and Officer Kenshin Rose opened … Source: google

Las Vegas breaking news for March 31, 2018

The State Route 160 eastbound/Interstate 15 northbound flyover ramp is closed entirely due to a motorcycle crash. According to the Nevada … Las Vegas police have completely blocked off the intersection near Valley View and Oakey boulevards as part of an investigation. Drivers are advised to avoid … Source: google

Newspaper: Las Vegas hospitals quick to discharge patients

Patients with mental illness are often being discharged from hospitals too soon, resulting in many returning to emergency rooms or being sent to group homes, according to a Las Vegas newspaper. The early hospital releases are indicative of the state's scarce resources for treating mental illness, a lack … Source: google

Hundreds line Cambridge streets to honor Stephen Hawking

LONDON — The life of renowned physicist and author Stephen Hawking was celebrated Saturday in English city of Cambridge, with hundreds of well-wishers lining the streets for a glimpse of the hearse carrying his remains to a private funeral. There was a spontaneous burst of applause outside St. Source: google

Mormons make history with Brazilian and Asian leaders

The selections of Ulisses Soares of Brazil and Gerrit W. Gong, a Chinese-American, were announced at the start of a twice-annual conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They join a panel called the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles that, before Saturday, was made up entirely of … […]

MS-13 Members Suspected in 10 Las Vegas Killings

Federal authorities have charged four MS-13 gang members with murder following a brutal January murder in Las Vegas. Local law enforcement believes that the gang is responsible for 10 homicides in Clark County, Nev., since March 2017. The gang members, aged 19 to 24, are all from El Salvador. Source: […]

Take Five: How to rid yourself of Facebook

If the Cambridge Analytica scandal has you rethinking your Facebook account, you're not alone. Lots of people have recently declared that they're done with the social media service, including such unlikely parties as Will Ferrell and Elon Musk. But dumping Facebook isn't easy — and there's a good … Source: google

Exposing the myth of the criminal immigrant

According to data from the study, a large majority of the areas have many more immigrants today than they did in 1980 and fewer violent crimes. The Marshall Project extended the study's data up to 2016, showing that crime fell more often than it rose even as immigrant populations grew […]

Museum corridor needed downtown

There also should be a museum corridor, with museums devoted to general history of gambling (or something specific such as sports betting, slots, etc.), general technology/computers, martial arts, sports such as bowling (Las Vegas is a big bowling city), football, pop culture and so forth. Museums aren't … Source: google

Vegas Play of the Day: Villanova vs. Kansas

Ray Brewer won back-to-back titles in the 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons, after Taylor Bern prevailed in 2014-15. Villanova vs. Kansas, largest lead by either team over 15.5 points: $330 to win $300. This would be a much tougher decision if the line was two or three points higher. That rarely […]